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Hello lovely humans of the world, let’s play catch-up shall we?

So sometime at the end of April 2016, my young king Elroi (means: the God that sees me) was conceived. The details of his conception is none of y’alls business (lol joke), but seriously it’s on a need to know basis.

I found out a month after, it was weird with the circumstances, and then thinking of family, but I was low key happy cos I’ve been wanting a child, had just been waiting on marriage first.

My mom, the father and my doctor friend were the first to know. The first trimester went along well, I was still going about my normal life, working out and jogging as usual. I never fell sick, I honestly just felt the first three months were a waste of time and pregnancy should ideally only be 6 months long.

By the second trimester I was getting bloated a lot so I hardly ate dinner, maybe just fruits. Just couldn’t fit the food in anywhere. Still people couldn’t tell unless I told them. At some point someone did ask me what I had eaten that my tummy was poking out, I told him I was pregnant but he thought I was joking. Another saw me and asked if I ate “swallow” that it’s making me look 4 months pregnant. Coincidentally I had just eaten eba and I was indeed 4 months pregnant, but he didn’t know that and I just laughed it off.

It was at the fifth month that I told everyone at work and other family members. My mom and older sisters were so supportive (love them so much). At 6 months my tummy was making more of a prominent appearance but I still fooled a lot of people, they couldn’t tell. Even someone that spent the whole day helping me move house.

I was eating anything but made sure I ate healthy food as well. By this time I had cooled down on my regular workouts and took it easy, doing some yoga and some squats. Did push-ups quite a few times until my belly was in the way, but mostly my exercise was walking up and down the Abuja pedestrian steps (I used a lot of public/shared transport).

Sixth Month

By the seventh month I still fooled some people. I had posted a video on Instagram and I think they were none the wiser. But mostly you would know if you saw me in person.

In the last trimester, my tummy grew so big so quickly, and it was not until the 9th month that my face started to get fat and I had pregnancy nose. In all this, I was still very much on social media, snap chat and the likes. Someone even said I was hiding in plain sight.

Honestly I couldn’t wait to give birth, seemed like it was taking forever. I decided to relax my hair, then I did an underwater (informal) photo shoot and finally I cut my hair and that’s what triggered lil Elroi to come out into the world. The night I cut my hair is the night I went into labor.

Labor was like 10-12 hours long from when my water broke. It wasn’t terribly painful at first because it was few and far between and I wasn’t fully dilated, but when they augmented it that’s when the real pain came. I thought I was gonna pass out and I was told not to push even though everything in my being was telling me to do exactly that.

Anyways the doctor came and I finally got to push, and before you know it, it was over and I finally met my bundle of joy. It was such a relief for him to be out and then out came the placenta (never realized placenta was that big). Immediately I asked for my phone and started documenting everything. Little did I know the pain (post contractions) that was coming. This one was worse than the actual contractions cos at least then I was getting little breaks of relief. They gave me some medication to ease the pain, felt like it wasn’t working at first but it eventually kicked in and I was able to sleep.

Fast forward. Elroi is four months now, I snapped back pretty quickly within the first few weeks with no exercise, just this lady from church who helped press my tummy with hot water. My stitches healed quickly too and I stopped bleeding after two weeks.

My baby came 9 days early, as I was expecting him on the 19th. Oh and yes I moved to a bigger place on the 1st of October, 2016, for baby and for sewing. I have myself a little workshop in my living room. I was sewing as usual through out the pregnancy.

I’m glad that I’m actually loving every moment of motherhood and that it’s not just something I have to say to save face. My angel is the best, so peaceful and we’re having a great time bonding and getting to know each other. He’s like my little best friend. He already seems to have such a big personality and I look forward to when he can talk (cannot wait). I love him soooo much. I can tell he loves me too cos I see it in his eyes. It’s almost like “what was I doing in my life without you” he’s really such an angel and I feel soooo blessed.

I started work three months after, though I had started sewing a week after pushing. It’s not been the easiest, balancing work, Sewing and baby, mostly my sewing is suffering as I’m not pressed to take on so many orders, but I still do every now and then. I’m currently looking for a tailor to hire.

We started off with a maid to help with chores but now we don’t have one, so there’s that too. My mom however has been my greatest asset. She helps me look after Roi while I’m at work or need to sew, can’t imagine leaving him alone with anyone else and I’m not trusting enough for a crèche just yet.

Anywho that’s it for the catch up I think. Sorry for the long post, just wanted to do it in one take, so we can get back to business.

Also there are videos below 😊

P.S: I had told my mom when I was 28, that I told God that if by 30 I wasn’t married I would have a baby, while I didn’t plan to have a baby, God did however grant me my hearts desire, and though the situation is not the best (though it’s all sorta working out, people just expect you to be married first), I’m so grateful and happy he did. At least now no one can use “your biological clock is ticking” as a reason for me to jump into marriage, lol. I do however want to get married someday, but I really don’t want to do it my way, I want God to have his way. I’ve really always felt that I was made to be a mother, have loved children for the longest time, still do, and I’ve always just felt I’ve had the nurturing spirit, like I just wanna help you grow, teach you things, I love it and finally I get to do that for my little angel, it’s given me a new level of fulfillment and purpose.

(That was a long PS) lol

Take Charge,


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