Life In Serbia

Sometimes I feel like maybe I’m living in the past with these posts about trips and experiences, but then I realize, that I’m reliving great memories (mostly), remembering lessons learnt, and making sure I’m growing from them. Life!

Serbia was a great opportunity for me, a very life changing experience, where I discovered a lot of my talents, where I traveled fair and wide, where I got my heartbroken like never before (well the one I can remember), where I feel like I inspired and touched lives, where I was inspired and touched. So much went down, so much was learnt, so much growth happened, and I’m gonna share it all with you.

I will try to be as honest as possible, and share as much as I will permit myself to. However I don’t plan on blogging/writing about this experience, I’d rather talk about it. So you can hear my exact emotions from my words, also because I’m a bit lazy to type.

To start it all off, the first podcast (?) in the playlist of my life in Serbia is up on my sound-cloud:

I hope you enjoy it, and I would love to discuss any and all of it with you via my twitter @hellosoniablog. So please let’s make it somewhat interactive. I’d really appreciate it.

God Bless

Take Charge,


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  1. Hello Sonia,
    I enjoy visiting and reading your blog. well done and keep up the good work. I would just like to point out that for the 2nd podcast on this particular post (the internship podcast) the background music was a bit distracting and loud. I had to try doubly hard to listen and follow your story. I just thought to point it out and I look forward to more posts .

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