Sonia and the Wanderers Ep 3

For Episode 3 of “Sonia and the Wanderers”, I feature Alejandra from Mexico. She was my roommate for a while in Serbia and she is one heck of a traveller. It’s not that she’s been everywhere but it’s just the way she goes about it. She is really really brave and extremely adventurous, she even hitchhikes .

The video is a bit longer than I had hoped, but it’s very interesting, you’re not gonna wanna (not in an igbo american accent) miss any of it.

She’s been to 27 countries most of them in Europe and they are:

Cuba, Canada, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, UK and Spain.

She shares lots and lots of tips and I hope you enjoy it.

You can also check out her vlog on youtube.


Thanks for watching…

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