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Hiiiiiiii naturals,

So I’ve had a lot of people ask me about how I handle my natural hair. So I decided to upload a video showing you guys my fave products to use.

In case you don’t wanna watch the video, I’m gonna go through what I said in this post.

I wash my hair once a week. I put 1 part water and 2 parts apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle and drench my hair with it, run my hands through it to remove the dirt, and then I co-wash with either Giovanni or TRESemme naturals conditioners (I prefer the Giovanni one, but any TRESemme conditioner of your choice works too. Make sure to get all the product out. I also prefer to use almost cold water.


TRESEMME-NATURALSAfter washing I dry my hair with a t-shirt, spray some leave-in conditioner, rub in some coconut oil and then use any curl cream or moisturizer of my choice to style it. I rarely do wash and go’s.

leave-in conditioner

oh and the curl creams below.

Camille Roselotta bodythickening growth milk

shea curl mik curl lala

Once a month I wash my hair with black soap, then condition it with one of the above conditioners and deep condition with Olive Oil deep conditioner.  You could try to make your own deep conditioners.

Dudu-Osundeep conditionercastor oil

I think that’s pretty much all I do to my hair. Of course I use Castor oil for my edges and well my hair in general, strengthens it, and helps it grow (the edges). Once in a while (at random) I use bentonite clay mixed with apple cider vinegar as a hair mask before washing, other times I use jojoba oil or olive oil, or any oil as a hot oil treatment.

Tip: heard emu oil is really good for hair growth too (especially your edges). Haven’t tried it yet though.

Also you should have a spray bottle that has a mixture of water, any oil(s) of your choice, glycerin (optional), leave-in conditioner (optional) that you spray on your hair often for moisture.

Moisture is really important, and though your hair may shrink, it lovesssss water.

Think that’s all for now (All I can remember anyways).

Please comment and share, you guys don’t really comment 

Ps: The only thing a little special about my hair is that it’s really soft, doesn’t grow so fast or isn’t so full and bouncy, it’s just really soft.

Take Charge,


  1. Thanks darling….. IL try some out hope your techniques help. Cuz my hair is soo dry and hard all the time I’ve got scaly scalp and all. I haven’t enjoyed a day of the natural hair journey so I hope to soon.. 😉😉

    1. Just try, make sure you have that spray bottle of water and oil and spray your hair as much as possible. Then using some of these products often will help your hair be better. Sorry yeah

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