Thirty? Oh yes and it looks good…

Hello guys, How are y’all doing?

So on the 29th of November, 2015, I turned 30. I know I know, I don’t look my age. It’s really Gods blessings, he blessed me with good genes, or maybe I have an aging backwards defect and I dunno? (lol, God forbid it). But really though when people ask what’s my secret for looking so young, my reply is usually

It’s Jesus Juice or It’s the God in me

To be very honest it is the God in me, he keeps me mostly happy and at peace, and has filled my heart with so much love and joy, that I find it really hard to age. Mostly, I’m living a stress free life and I’m super grateful.

I don’t have anything extremely deep or profound to say, just that… I had been looking forward to turning 30, because I just feel like my life took a turn for the better. I feel like I have really grown as a person these past few years. A lot of people like to look at where they are financially to determine their success, but I like to look at where I am as a person, if I’m better than I was a few years ago. To me that’s Success.

God has really helped me grow, I have become so much more compassionate, insightful, sensitive and understanding towards people and in my different relationships with everyone. I am more open-minded and accepting, I’m less irrational and so much more stress/care-free, free spirited and much much wiser . I am even more giving, I love to show love as much as I can and I believe more in giving of yourself (this is in no way sexual ) rather than money, and grateful for the grace to heal quickly when let down. I used to think I didn’t have any talents, but God unleashed a whole bunch on me in the last few years, I’ve become even more creative, and I just generally feel I have so much more to offer than I did years ago. I have grown spiritually too. I feel like now I actually hear God speak to me, when I’m studying his word, praying or just ‘still’. I have even more faith in him, and realize now more than ever that it’s his Grace that keeps me going, that helps me achieve things I didn’t think I could. I have really grown closer to God and I am definitely not ashamed to say it to anyone, and use any opportunity I can, to talk of his goodness.

To sum it all up, I am content and I feel this is very important for you to move up, to get even higher. When you’ve found satisfaction in one level, it shows you are ready for the next and I am Thankful.

Anywho, my friend Chinasa, her mom and her little brother, woke me up about 6:30am on birthday, singing and with a candle lit cake in hand. It was such an awesome way to wake up, that alone made my whole day, even if nothing else had happened, I was so satisfied. After which I went to church, gave a testimony, rocking the dress I had sewn/made for myself the day before. Took me longer than expected but I think it turned out alright.

birthday cake


ankara dress

Later that evening, we were headed to the gym/studio to watch Empire (it’s something they sometimes do on a Sunday evening). So I walk in and everywhere is dark but full of people and they all shout “surprise!!!!”. And then the lights came on. It was a whole bunch of people, some I didn’t know, some I knew, some from way back that I would’ve never expected to see. It was a lovely surprise and I thank God for blessing me with such an awesome friend like Chinasa, that made it all happen.

(I also made the dress I wore in the evening, the day before, same time I made the one above ) I had some left-over stretch fabric from a previous dress, so decided to pair it up with ankara. I think it turned out pretty nice, though I’m gonna make some little changes to it.

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The next day, my friend Lola, had set up a cake and champagne for me in a room at the Hilton (Transcorp). Though I wasn’t able to go spend the night there, I did go there to get my cake and champagne (That I’m yet to drink). It was another lovely surprise and I just felt loved, glad I have such amazing friends.



I usually love receiving gifts, and I didn’t get any this time, but because of my growth, it didn’t get to me (but if you’re feeling sad for me, you can still send your gift, I’l be thirty till next year Nov. ).

Thanks for reading.

Take Charge,



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