Crochet Braids and Techniques

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I seem to be on a roll today. Anyways, since I’ve been natural I discovered crochet braids, and fell in love. It’s easily my fave protective style (styles you make to protect your hair from manipulation). The less you comb/manipulate your hair the better, but if you must comb, please do it while your hair is wet/damp. Which brings me to this compressed post about crochet braids.

I learnt how to do crochet braids from youtube with Breanna Rutter’s help (click to watch the whole crochet braids playlist). There’s so much you can learn about hair from her channel and she’s really professional about it too. No dilly dallying. So my first try I used color 33 expressions, two packs, then I braided them, maybe like 6 or so braids, dipped them in boiling hot water and loosened the braids to get the below look.

Since then I’ve done regular crochet braids with kinky/Marley hair, and already curly extensions as seen below.

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The curly extensions, is called Amigo and it looks like this:

You only really need one pack for the curly one, but you could just buy two to be on the safe side, though I hardly doubt you’d finish two packs.

I’ve used the following braid patterns.

For the following curled kinky/marley crochet braids, I used different sizes of perm rods/bendy rollers and dipped them in boiling hot water. Another option is to curl the hair before you install them, like I did in the third picture. On the average two packs should be enough for any kinky crochet style, as long as you’re cutting them in two. If you’re using the full length, at least 3 packs should be used, but also depending on your desired fullness, you could use up to 4packs.

NB: The packs sold in the UK and the U.S from my experience are always smaller (not as full) so you may wanna buy double the packs when buying from either of the places.

For my sister’s hair I recently made, I did bantu knots instead of using perm rods, because they were not available. I dipped the bantu knots in boiling hot water for about 15 secs and them left them to dry over night.

I like to use one of my usual kinky extensions called kinky bulk (noble gold), as seen below. I transformed it into that lovely curly style using yellow perm rods.

And recently I transformed it (kinky bulk) from afro to wavy curls, using purple perm rods. I brushed and blow-dried the hair first (in sections of course) with medium heat, applied some curling cream (very tiny portion), put them in the perm/curl rods and blow dried them again.

And a video for your viewing pleasure.

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