Poseidon called out to me

Lol @ the title. Anyone that knows me knows I love water/the sea #NoMamiWater (Mami-water is also known as a mermaid, just incase you didn’t know). Thats why I decided to use Poseidon in the title, since he’s the god of the sea in greek mythology.

I went on his trip June 2013, from Belgrade, Serbia, I used wizzair which cost me about 70euros for a return trip and it was a direct flight to the Island Corfu. I booked a bed in a three-bed room in the Pink Palace hostel, through hostelbookers, which is pretty much where I book all my hostels and sometimes hotels. I spent one night in Corfu and the next day took a ferry and then a bus to Athens (which probably cost me about 100euros in all, the return ferry and bus trip, the hostel organized it for me), where I met up with my host, Semeli. I found her on couchsurfing.com. From the bus station I took a cab to the metro station she told me to go to, it was about 5euros and asked a stranger to use his phone to call her to meet me there. Her house was a walking distance from the metro station.

Semeli lived with her mom and had two dogs. I’m not scared of dogs, so the dogs and I got along fine, and her mom was so nice always wanting to feed me. I slept on a mattress in the living room and they provided me with beddings and pretty much whatever else I needed. Semeli worked in H&M so I also got a staff discount on a nice little bag. She was so nice and generous, that night she and her friend took me around the centre, and I had gyros in Greece for the first time (I’d had it in Belgrade many times before), it was yummy as expected. I can’t even remember how long I was in Athens for but I know I roamed the streets myself during the day, Semeli and her friends took me to a local greek bar/restaurant, where they play live Greek music and had awesome traditional greek food, mostly Cretan food (food from Crete).

Another night I met up with Greg, who I also met through couchsurfing. He came to pick me up from Semeli’s house on his Power bike and gave me a tour of Athens at night on his bike. I love power bikes, though I don’t know how to ride one, but I love being the passenger. He also took me to a very nice and nicely lit dinner on this cozy but lively street somewhere in Athens. I loved Athens because there seems to be a lot of traditional greek food everywhere, it’s not just full of international food like other places, where you’ll have to really seek out the good traditional food spots. We also went to the top of this mountain, where you can view the whole of Athens at night, with it’s beautiful lights and lively vibe. He picked that awesome moment to feed me with stories/history about Athens and Greece in general, all the awesome greek mythology. It was such an awesome night and then we drove into the night and he took me back to Semeli’s.

Ps: I also got a ride on Semeli’s friends scooter, while the rest of them walked I think. hehe

On my last day in Athens, Semeli and her friend took me and one of her former couch surfing guests to a beach somewhere outside Athens, and to her family beach house, where we had a sumptuous lunch. It was such fun, that beach was so lively and so much eye candy and lovely tanned bodies. There was this one guy I kept ogling and eventually I got Semeli to get him to come take a picture with me, (lol, he was so hot, I couldn’t help it, I had to come tell you lot I got a greek bae ).

I have to tell you, I spent the least amount of money in Athens, because my host was the most generous person ever and also Greg, I wonder if they are like this to all their guests, if so, doesn’t it get expensive for them? In any case, I’m thankful and grateful for the opportunity to have met these wonderful people and for a great experience with them, seeing as they were complete strangers I met online.

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